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Victoria Platt

iElevate MY Experience

VICTORIA PLATT is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), an Innerlight Energy Balancing and Mindfulness Therapist, a Minister at Christ the Resurrected Church in Los Angeles and a certified Anusara Yoga Facilitator. Her wellness business, iElevate ME Inc., was created out of a Spirit driven urge to assist people in re-membering their minds, bodies and spirits, to experience more wholeness, joy and liberation in their lives. 


Along with witnessing private and group sessions, Victoria also offers courses and classes in somatics, mindfulness and self-regulation to corporations, schools and organizations. As an unschooling/homeschooling mom herself, she frequently works in that community to support parents, caregivers and those who serve children to support them and provide awareness-cises and toys of self regulation and mindfulness. 


Victoria is a lead facilitator for the Mindful Leaders Project, teaching self-regulation and mindfulness through breathwork, movement, meditation and other tools. She has facilitated courses for the faculty and staff of Pasadena Unified School District providing tools to help foster healthier relational dynamics between students and staff/faculty through addressing how unconscious bias begins, and ends, in the body. She also facilitates classes in somatics and mindfulness for the parents of Riverside County held by The University of LaVerne Center for Neurodiversity and Riverside County. The next series begins in late March 2023.


Since 2020, she has been a part of Communal Consult workshops and the Foundations in Somatic Abolitionism program, taught by the author of My Grandmother's Hands, Resmaa Menakem. Through the work she’s done with Resmaa Menakem, her study of Reich and Lowen Therapy and sitting at the feet of her Spiritual Counselor, Rev. Dr. Charles O. Brown (Doc), Victoria has begun the process of cultivating a practice of Spiritual Somatic Abolitionism - an ongoing unfolding process of aligning the mind,, heart and body in order to transcend from the physiological and psychological state of existence into the Spiritual realm of experience.


Victoria has taught at her home church, spoken at other churches and facilitates healing and deliverance services with Rev. Dr. Charles O. Brown. Victoria is also a student of Ifa, the ancient Yoruba practice that venerates ancestors, honours Orisa and uses the core value of good character as a means of attaining spiritual elevation. 


"Our wholeness is not a birthright. It is, in fact, the very imprint on our DNA. The game is to forget that Truth so in the re-membering of it, we understand the infinite nature of GOD even in these finite bodies.

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"Victoria was caring,  nurturing and very knowledgeable. Her writing was excellent and her words were eloquent. Everything was specifically crafted to embrace the feelings of love shared between my partner and I. I highly recommend her." -Keith 

"Victoria  has been a tremendous blessing in my life! She  not only helped tremendously in my healing process, but has been a  significant part of my own journey to personal empowerment and  self-understanding. I am very grateful to have  connected with her!” - Kelsey 

“Victoria is an incredible spirit and an absolute joy to work with. Time with her is good for the soul and wonderfully inspiring and enlightening.” - Matt

“My sessions with Victoria have been one of the greatest acts of self-love I've given myself during this difficult time. With her guidance, I've not only dealt with and healed the current issues at hand but discovered other areas and habits that I wanted to change for my life moving forward.” - Nia

“I contacted Victoria for a session to clear the energy  for my child in utero and I'm so glad I did! She made it a very calm,  positive, uplifting and comfortable experience through and through!  Victoria's professionalism and her gift for intuitive healing blew me away. I highly recommend  booking a session with her if there are any blocks you wish to free up  in your life!” - Vanessa 


“Victoria is such a blessing. I was referred to her by my primary therapist while navigating deep depression and anxiety, and our sessions helped me immensely in bouncing back and changing my life for  the best. She helped me restore my energy field and release some heavy energy  associated with trauma (as well as some things I did not know I was  still holding on to). I highly recommend her to anyone, especially  to folks who may be empathic and could use support with releasing excess  energy and/ or with establishing healthier boundaries with others.  Thank you so much for all your help, Victoria!” - Idalia 



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