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Spiritual Somatic Healing Circle

About this event

The SPIRITUAL SOMATIC HEALING CIRCLE is an 8 week blended virtual and in person experience designed specifically for Black and Brown bodied womyn to bring the mind, body and heart into alignment in order to Live from our Divinity!

'Somatics' has become the new buzz word. Somatic this and self regulation that. And while somatics is an incredibly vital piece of healing and unfoldment, it ain't the end of the story! The body (sensations), the heart (emotions) and the mind (thoughts) are the tools we use to ultimately move us through the material and elevate us into the highest version of ourselves.

If you've ever worked with me, you know, analogies are my Love Language so here goes...

Scenario: Imagine you're on a loooong road trip... with 3 children in the back seat. Every few minutes someone has a need. Child one: "Are we there yet?" Child two: "I'm hungry and I have to pee!" Child three: "I'm bored!" If you have children and this is activating just hearing it, breathe in once, hold it, sip in a little more air and hold it... Exhale out the mouth - aaaahhhhh. Ok. Now imagine that long journey is your life; you're on the road toward your Wholeness, your Truth, your Purpose, your JOY. And those 3 children are your mind (thoughts), your body (sensations) and your heart (emotions). Those 3 pieces of ourselves, if not tended to and aligned, make the journey feel longer, and frustrating, and really UNenjoyable. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Join the entire 8 week series or drop in as you're able, to engage in communal somatic awareness-cises, breath work, movement, tonal practices and visualization and learn to identify the needs of the 3 children in your back seat and elevate above the human experience into more wholeness and JOY in your life!

Sunday, March 5th - Sunday, April 23rd

Band of Vices Art Gallery - 5351 West Adams Blvd LA CA 90016
4pm - 5:30pm PST

Single class/Drop in rate - $44 - $60 sliding scale honour system
8 week series - $333 (Venmo @VictoriousPlatt, Cashapp $VictoriousPlatt)
Paypal -






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